Tree Pruning

Use the Proper Tools for tree pruning
The proper tools make tree pruning simpler and help you do a great job. Keeping tools well-maintained and sharp will enhance their overall performance. There are lots of tools for pruning, however the following will most likely be sufficient for many applications:
A good pair of pruning shears is most likely one of the most important tools. Cuts as much as 3/4 inches in diameter may be made with them.

Lopping shears are comparable to pruning shears, but their long handles offer greater leverage required to cut branches as much as 11/2 inches in diameter.

Hedge shears are meant only for pruning hedges, absolutely nothing else. They generally cut succulent or small stems best.

Hand saws are essential for cutting branches more than 1 inch in diameter. Many kinds of hand saws are available. Unique tri-cut or razor tooth pruning saws cut through bigger branches – up to four inches across – with ease.
Pole saws allow for longer reach with a long handle, but they should be used cautiously as it is challenging to achieve clean cuts with them.

Small chain saws are available for use on bigger branches. Operators should put on protective clothing and exercise caution when utilizing them. Never use chain saws to reach above your shoulders, or whenever you are on a ladder.