Planting Trees in the Summer

Planting Trees in the Summer

This is not a very ideal time to be planting a tree, especially a tree like a maple. Here are some ideas that will help you be sucessful:

  • Make sure whatever tree you decide to plant is warrantied by a reputable company.  

  • Mulch properly, about 3" deep and a 3-4' diameter circle around the tree.

  • Make sure any landscaper plants the trees at the correct depth, that is with the root flare at soil level. I know they are the professionals, but you would be amazed sometimes at what landscapers will do.

  • If the weather stays hot, I would water deeply twice a week. Put a soaker hose or a regular hose turned on low around the tree and let it run for a couple hours. It should be enough water that after a couple days, you can pull the mulch back and the soil is still damp. If the top inch of soil is dry, give it more water. You can cut back to once a week watering in about a month.

  • Now of course, if we keep having rain like we've had in the last week so far this year here in Ky, you won't have to water too much. Also, if we have a hot, dry spell later in the summer (and it most likely will happen), don't panic if the leaves look kind of stressed, maybe even look crisp on the edges and fall early in the fall without much color. Trees will do that it's first year or two until it develops a good root system.

  • As long as a tree is watered properly, it's more than likely not going to die because it was planted at the wrong time. It may look ragged this first year, but it should be back strong in the spring.