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Removing trees from a yard may be a little tricky. Initially, you have to complete a thorough inspection of the region and establish a drop area for the tree to fall. Limbs should be cut to small sizes which are effortlessly handled by workers. Proper safety gear must be worn when operating a chainsaw, and the operator ought to have proper understanding for running a chainsaw. Does this spark an idea? Maybe call a Tree Service?

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Before the chainsaw is started, make certain you’re wearing correct clothing. Full protective headgear with properly fitting eye protection is a must to help keep errant limbs and saw chips from injuring your head and eyes. A good pair of leather gloves and a set of chaps will keep your hands and body from sharp limbs. Boots with anti-slip treads and complete ankle support will provide you with the footing required when operating a chainsaw. Maintain the chain sharp in the saw. A dull chain can make for extra work for you and place excess pressure to the bar and saw.

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Use ropes to help pull the tree down in to the chosen area. Yards with little clearances will need the use of a rope and some help to guide the tree down towards the open space. Be conscious of your surroundings and any overhead wires or other trees. Trees with power lines in the “down” path should be left for the utility company to cope with. Use a plastic wedge to stop the tree from settling back onto the chainsaw blade. If possible, maintain a backup chain saw handy in case some thing happens to the one you’re using.

 Limb Trimming Louisville
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As soon as the tree is down, start removing limbs on the outside locations of the tree, and work your way in to the tree. Cut limbs into controllable lengths. Keep all workers away until the tree limbs are totally free of the trunk. Cut tree limbs which are close to the trunk from the opposite side of the trunk. In other words, try to keep the trunk between you and the limb you are cutting. Cut all limbs as close to the trunk as possible.

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Cut the trunk into little sections that may be handled by either personnel or equipment. Cut trunks which are laying on the ground halfway through from the top; then roll the trunk over and finish the cut. Cut trunks which are supported on one end from underneath.  Finish by cutting from the top down to meet the underside cut. This will stop the trunk from binding the saw because of excess bottom pressure.

Stump Grinding Louisville
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Hire or rent a tree stump grinder to remove the top region of the stump. You can try to burn the stump out, but this practice can take a long time. You can also rot the stump in the ground by cutting grooves in the top of the stump and filling the hollows with salt. The salt will kill the roots and accelerate the wood’s decomposition. It might take a number of years for the stump to totally rot.

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