Our Plant Health Care Technicians Focus on Preserving and Protecting Your Growing Investments.

Bob Ray Co., Inc., Certified Arborists are highly qualified and educated in the most up-to-date, scientifically-based plant care advances.

Our program encompasses diagnosis and treatment for both trees and shrubs, with an emphasis placed on the longer-lived family of trees. We strive to control damaging insects, diseases, and extending the longevity of trees and shrubs utilizing various treatments. Serving Louisville KY and surrounding areas.

The Plant Health Care team at Bob Ray Co., Inc., provides advice for maintaining a preventive and long-term care program for your plants.

Some of our health care services offered

Our Tree Services

Bob Ray Co., Inc. offers a variety of services because we believe that increasing clients knowledge about trees, is the most effective way to serve our customers.  We offer tips, techniques and care options in order to help clients increase the lifespan and health of their trees.

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