Partner Companies

Bob Ray Co., Inc., Chip Trucking, LLC and Natural Products, LLC

With the need to move heavy equipment efficiently and safely, Bob Ray Co., Inc., created Chip Trucking to meet transportation needs for products. In 2006, Natural Products LLC, was created as an avenue to recycle tree products and to meet our commitment to protect and preserve our environment.

Chip Trucking, LLC, was originally created to haul tree waste products for Bob Ray Co., Inc. Since 2006, Chip Trucking has grown to encompass moving heavy equipment—both oversized and over-weight—moving logs and wood chips, and rental of roll-off dumpsters. One hundred percent of all by-products are recycled in the form of mulch, lumber, pulp wood, or fuel chips.

We are fully licensed, insured and experienced.

We take pride in our fleet of trucks and trailers. We serve our customers on a contractual basis or by the hour. 

Our fleet of trailers consists of:

Natural Products, LLC. offers:

  • Sales/delivery of landscaping materials such as mulch, topsoil, gravels and more, for commercial and residential customers
  • A drop site for organic material, and a quarry location for fill material
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