Arborjet for Municipalities

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Arborjet for Municipalities

If you are responsible for the health of your city’s trees and urban landscape. It’s imperative that you protect valuable public trees, reduce liability, and still manage costs within your budget. You can join the many cities like Chicago and Milwaukee who are using Arbojet to manage invasive pests like Emerald Ash Borer.

Ash tree removal is not the only solution against Emerald Ash Borer!

This notion is entirely false. Chicago and Milwaukee started protecting over 100,000 ash trees from EAB, using Arborjet tree injection. Arborjet products are supported by 5 Universities as the most effective and longest lasting solutions for EAB.

What cities are using Arborjet?

Major cities like Chicago, Milwaukee and Worcester are making a difference.

Do EAB Treatments Cost Too Much?

No. Arborjet tree injection treatments cost around $50 ($25 a year) to treat an average size tree for two years of control. On average, it will cost your community anywhere between $500-$1000 to remove a single tree! Treat your trees for decades for what it costs to remove and replace them. Not to mention you get to keep your mature urban forest too!

National Tree Benefit Calculator

Here is an example of a 15 inch diameter ash tree in the Midwest.