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Protect Your Investment, Hire A Louisville Arborist 

What’s an arborist anyway? An arborist is really an expert who’s trained in the art and science of planting, caring for, and maintaining trees. Why employ an arborist? Well-cared for trees aren’t only appealing but will definitely add value to your property, while inadequately maintained trees end up becoming an expensive liability. Understanding when and how to employ an arborist is an essential decision for property owners. Bob Ray Co., Inc and The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) provides the following suggestions to help make an informed decision:

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First off when should you call an Arborist in louisville, KY?

There are a number of services an arborist can offer to help you maintain your investment:

  • Pruning – An arborist can figure out what kind of pruning is best for the individual tree to preserve its well being and to enhance its appearance and longevity. A quick rule of thumb is if pruning requires leaving the ground, employ a trained expert. Ladders and pruning are dangerous combinations. Also, pruning with a chainsaw is even more dangerous and should never be done above the head or while on a ladder. Employ an arborist who can skillfully prune the tree safely using lifts and lines.
  • Tree removal – Arborists can help figure out whether or not or not a tree ought to be removed, although generally this really is a last resort. Expert arborist’s have the abilities and equipment to safely and effectively perform this dangerous task. Many times an Arborist can actually save a tree that homeowners have written off.
  • Emergency Tree Care – Storms can trigger significant damage to limbs or whole trees, which may result in harm to other property (like houses). These trees have to be removed or trimmed to minimize long-term damage and threats. This, too, is dangerous work, and an arborist needs to be hired to perform this job safely and without causing even more damage.
  • Planting – Planting the proper tree in the correct location is essential for the long-term well being of the tree and the entire landscape. Arborists can suggest the appropriate tree for the desired place and help in proper planting. If trees are planted too deeply their root structure will suffer (root girdling), too shallow and they will die from a lack of nutrition.

There are many other services that arborist’s offer like fertilization, insect control, cabling, aeration, tree removal and even lightning protection. Consulting with an arborist and establishing a plant health care strategy will help determine when these services are necessary. Cash spent on hiring an arborist is well worth it.