Plant Care

There are two primary planting times every year for most potted plants and bare root plants. If plant care is important, than knowing planting times is essential.  These times are basically fall and spring. Your geographic location requirements must be taken in account whenever you plan to plant in the fall. Northern climates have an extremely small window of time to plant during the fall; whereas, Southern climates have a really extended window of time to plant in the fall, since the ground will not freeze. Plant Care in Louisville falls into the Northern time frames since we get very hard freezes as early as October.

Fall Planting

Potted plants in Louisville and Kentucky can be zones can be successfully planted from mid August to mid September. You'll be able to usually plant potted plants until late September.

Bare root plants however can not be dug or transplanted until they become dormant. Many times dormancy doesn't happen until late October so it is very risky to plant in the late fall especially if you are getting your plants shipped to you

Spring Planting

 Spring planting of potted plants and bare root plants can be effectively planted in all climatic zones. The arrival of spring in each geographic location begins in the southern climates in late February and progress north and arrives in northern climates in April and May. In southern climates, early spring planting prior to excessive heat arrives is most advantageous for good results. In northern climates, planting right after the final hard frost in the spring is a good idea.

Be aware that individual care, the planting site, and the surroundings all have heavy influences on the effective growth of one's plant. For the best plant care, we recommend that any additional effort you are able to make, like providing excellent fertility soil, providing drainage, mulching, root stimulator's, and soil conditioners like sphagnum moss, can lesson the shock each and every plant experiences in the transplanting process. Also note that some plants, like young trees, require support to withstand winds and heavy spring rains. Tree staking kits and tree stakes are advised. Several plant assistance products are accessible and recommended by Bob Ray, just e-mail or call us.