For the next week we’re going to concentrate on the Emerald Ash Borer.

Since 2002, emerald ash borer has killed millions of ash trees. With one of the largest concentration of ash trees in the country, Kentucky has a lot to protect. Here is what you have to know:

Ash trees lack a way to defend against these pests. As soon as an ash is attacked, it’ll be killed in a matter of weeks.





Look for 1/8 inch, D-shaped exit holes in trees. These are the result of borers leaving the tree as soon as they’ve become adults.

Don’t apply insecticides to ash trees that are not infected yet or are out of the general range of the existing infected tree.

Don’t transport firewood, from Indiana to Kentucky.





BobRayCo.,Inc has many first first detectors.  These experts can help property owners figure out if their ash trees have already been attacked.

If you believe you have found an emerald ash borer, call us immediately.  We have found an excellent resource from Minnesota on line as well.