Benefits of Trees

Everyone knows trees maintain our air supply by absorbing carbon dioxide and creating oxygen. Here are some other facts you may not know:

• In one year, an acre of trees can absorb as much carbon as is created by a vehicle driven as much as 8700 miles.
• Trees offer shade and shelter, decreasing yearly heating and cooling expenses by 2.1 billion dollars.
• Trees lower air temperature by evaporating water in their leaves.
• The typical tree in a metropolitan region survives no more than 8 years!
• A tree doesn't reach its most productive stage of carbon storage for about ten years.
• Trees decrease noise pollution by serving as sound barriers.
• Tree roots stabilize the soil and stop erosion.
• Trees enhance water quality by slowing and filtering rain water in addition to protecting aquifers and watersheds.
• Trees offer defense against the downward fall of rain, sleet, and hail as well as reduce storm run-off and the potential for flooding,
• Trees offer food and shelter for wildlife.
• Trees situated along streets act as a glare and reflection control.
• The death of one 70-year old tree would return over three tons of carbon to the atmosphere.