Trees Turning Color too Soon

Tree Service for Distressed Trees.

In many parts of the United States, people will begin taking part in one of natures finest shows…fall foliage.  Color changing leaves are gorgeous whether you are in the northeast, Kentucky or even Colorado.  But if you are a homeowner, be aware that pre mature leaf chaning is most definately a sign of stress that you cannot ignore, if you want your tree to be around for a while. You may want to consult us if your trees have a jump start on fall. 

Premature colors can be an indication that your tree is not strong enough or healthy enough to witstand insects and the diseases.  In other words, its immune system is very weak.  When it gets cold, your trees may not be able to survive. 

The problem,most of the time is actually root related. Trees respond to root stress by slowing the growth above ground.

Leaves can be thought of as small factories that contain raw materials, products and by-products all in chemical form and with some color.  As the leaf is abandoned by the tree, the chlorophyll is broken down and sent to other parts of the tree.  The other chemicals are left behind. the supply chain of the small factory breaks down and nutrients are halted to the leaves and limbs. 

If the major chemical left behind is red the leaves will turn red, yellow will be yellow, etc.  Differing conditions like heat, light, water and weather can affect the balance of chemicals and their composition in the leaf. 

Please call us at 502-425-7654 if your trees have turned color already.