When should homeowners hire tree trimming services?

A tree limb crashing through a window, sprinkling glass all over the living room carpet! Obviously you want to avoid this scenario at all costs. But what if you have to have tree trimming work done in order to let more sun into a garden area? If you tackle your tree trimming project your self, you risk exactly that incident, when the tree in question looms over your house.  Obviously, tree trimming isn’t a project to rush into. Even the most die hard do-it-yourselfer will most likely want to defer to the expertise of reliable tree services on this one. The issue is: How do you find reliable tree services? And once you have located them, how do you separate the experts from the posers??

Concerns When Hiring Tree Services in Louisville, Ky

Certainly, an all-purpose handyman driving around a neighborhood inside a pickup truck with a chainsaw is not suitable for work demanding such a high level of responsibility and risk.

Also be cautious with hiring tree services requesting payment ahead of time or who wish to start work with out having drawn up a totally free estimate of the price. Actually, consumers ought to demand not just an estimate but also a written contract, laying out precisely what the tree trimming job entails and for how much. If work needs to be performed on a tree whose appearance is essential to you, always insist that tree services climb the tree utilizing ropes or ascend with an aerial lift instead of using climbing spikes. Spikes cause harm to the cambium of a tree.
For dangerous work like this, possession of sufficient insurance coverage might be the consumer’s primary consideration. Request to see certificates of liability and workman’s compensation insurance, and verify that they’re current. Phone the insurance company to confirm present policy information.

Also determine how ready tree services are to take suitable action in the event that a mishap occurs. For example, tree services removing limbs situated directly over telephone wires leading into your home ought to have experience in splicing together damaged wires. To reduce the likelihood of such damage in the first place, skilled tree services cautiously manage the fall of limbs utilizing ropes.

Finally, it never hurts to do some asking around on your own. Take advantage of word of mouth by striking up conversations on the subject with neighbors.