Emerald Ash Borer

The end of last month was Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) Awareness Week.  Prior to the Memorial Day holiday and summer travel season start, we take this time to remind everyone to be cautious not to spread the EAB unintentionally.

EAB is one of many “Hungry Pests” that can trigger substantial harm to our country’s all-natural resources.  Identified in 2002, EAB is accountable for the destruction of tens of millions of ash trees in 15 states in the Midwest and Northeast.

We use purple traps like the one shown in this photo to help us look for EAB.  Traps are placed in 47 states.  Have you seen any in your neighborhood or travels?  If you see one, join our “Spot the Purple Trap” team.  It’s easy:

•“Like” the Bob Ray Facebook page
•Snap pictures of any purple traps you see and post them on Facebook, together with the area where you saw them.

We also want to ask for your help in keeping EAB from spreading.  Some easy steps you can take:

•Don’t move firewood. EAB larvae can survive hidden within the bark of firewood. Keep in mind: purchase local, burn local.
•Inspect your trees. In the event you see any sign or symptom of an EAB infestation, contact Bob Ray Co immediately.