Arborjet – Oak Trees

Sudden Oak Death

Sudden oak death (SOD) is the typical name for a fatal tree illness brought on by Phytophthora ramorum, a species of fungi.  SOD is a caused by disease in plants.  Many Phytophthora species attack roots in poorly drained soils.  The main trees are coast live oak, California black oak, Shreve oak, tan oak, and canyon live oak.  Many more species are most likely susceptible as well.  Signs and symptoms in other species are often expressed as leaf blight. SOD can cause foliar disease in Douglas-fir, coast redwood and California bay laurel.  Unlike many Phytophthora species that infect roots, P. ramorum is mainly a foliar pathogen.


Leaves will appear drought- stressed, sometimes turning dull green, yellow, red, or purple as they wilt. Infected bark will be is water- soaked, with red-brown discoloration and has a nasty odor. Bleeding cankers form at the base of the trunk and eventually lead to death. P. ramorum infection is usually followed by beetle infestation and/or an alternate pathogen infection.

SOD symptoms are very similar to other common fungal infections. A positive identification of the disease requires sending a tissue sample to Bob Ray Co. .

The good news is that Arborjet can stop this disease before it totally kills your beautiful oak tree.