How Efficient is Trunk Injection?

Trunk injection administers an exact dosage rate of pesticide straight into the vascular system of trees.  Trunk injection offers a competitive benefit over alternative pest control techniques. Independent study proves Arborjet out performs options such as, soil and spray applications as well as similar tree injection technologies and insecticides.
What's the Arborplug?
The Arborplug allows high volume, rapid product delivery to the xylem tissue of the tree. What else does it do?
• Arborplug's tight seal within the tree allows pressure to be sustained all through the injection process
• The self sealing septum prevents product leakage and "blow back".
• Prevents lost or wasted product
• Minimizes the amount of injection sites
• "Closed" injection sites limits wounding, speeds healing, inhibits decay or infection from getting into the site This is the Arborplug Advantage.