Winter Tree Care Louisville, Ky

Winter Tree Care Louisville, Ky

Now that it appears there will be an actual winter in Louisville, it is an excellent opportunity for tree pruning. Tree pruning to eliminate branches in winter can avoid severe future damage while enhancing the trees’ well being and strength. The cold weather conditions also means you will find far fewer insects or illnesses that are going to impact the pruned areas. There are some steps that need to be taken for the best winter tree care:

Actions for Effective Winterizing Trees in Louisville

Frequently, a tree’s survival may rely on the care you give it before a winter storm strikes. Branches that hang close to the house, roof, driveway or nearby energy lines ought to be pruned. Dead and decaying branches, especially those at the top or ends of a tree’s canopy, may also be possible hazards. A heavy snow could tear the brances off the tree damaging the tree as well as the house or car that is nearby.

Soil that is raised or lifted around the trunk could be a sign of an unsound root system – one that might give way in a serious winter storm. Have a Certified arborist see if the tree can be saved by cabling. An additional sign of stress is if the canopies of trees are overlapping one another, which probably wouldn’t occur naturally.

Oozing sap, stains or sawdust-like residue could mean insects especially if the tree is in the Ash family.  The Emerald Ash Borer is very common in Kentucky and winter is a great time to eliminate it.

Cracks, hollow or rotted areas ought to also be addressed; mushrooms growing on or near the base of the tree are an additional red flag.

Cleaning up following a storm: Following a serious storm, trees ought to be examined for general health from the bottom up. Even though the ground might be clear, limbs damaged by ice or snow can nonetheless split and break high in the tree. Inspecting the canopies of storm-damaged trees is essential to stop branches from snapping and crashing down. Broken branches frequently leave behind stubs which are very prone to decay. Because trees don’t regenerate wood, whenever a breakage happens, the damage is permanent. Have your upper tree branches pruned BEFORE the storm.

Damaged Trees After a Storm: Kentucky Region

Restoration pruning, which means pruning trees which have been damaged by storms, also plays an essential role in the long-term well being and appearance of the yard. Trees harmed by winter storms frequently react to breakages by creating many new sprouts. This new development is not strong and and should be meticulously and selectively thinned to form the tree’s primary architecture.

A frozen ground is usually an impairment to getting outdoor jobs completed, but a hard icy surface allows contractors the chance to make use of specialized heavy equipment that would sink in soft mushy ground. This equipment tends to make the trees more easily accessible and cleanup easier.

Work with a Certified arborist. An arborist with the proper expertise and equipment can help you make certain the job is done properly. When choosing a Certified arborist, look for one who is licensed by a professional organization like the ISA.

Demand to see proof of insurance coverage – hiring somebody uninsured could leave you responsible for his mistakes.