Tree Removal Serving Louisville, KY

Tree Removal Questions For Louisville KY Residents

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Q- “I recently purchased a brand new house, and all of the trees are on the north side, which does not do me any good. The home faces south and it has a huge side yard.  I need trees which will grow quick in the east and west, because my house and my deck are baking in the sun. My A/C bills are getting out of hand. What trees do you suggest in the Kentucky area which will develop fast but not be out of control.”

A- “We do not usually recommend fast-growing plants simply because as a general rule. The faster it grows, the weaker its wood is and the more susceptible it is to storm damage and attack by illnesses or insects.”

That said, a few of our preferred large trees for Kentucky include:

Sugar maple
red maple
river birch
Kentucky coffee tree
dawn redwood
white oak
Bur oak
and American linden