We are going through the top ten tree service and tree pruning myths.

MYTH #7: If certain varieties of trees are pruned early in the spring, they'll "bleed," stressing the tree and causing health issues. True, some trees like maples and birches will "bleed" or shed sap from pruning cuts made early in the spring. This bleeding doesn't hurt the tree, and the reduction in sap is insignificant. There are a couple of exceptions, but most routine tree service and tree pruning can be carried out any time of year. The worst time is just as the tree has leafed out in the spring. The very best time is when the tree is dormant.

MYTH #8: The root system of a tree is a mirror image of the top. Lots of people envision a sizable, branching taproot growing deep in to the soil. Actually, taproots are extremely uncommon in mature trees. If taproots do create, they generally will probably be forced into horizontal growth once they encounter difficult subsoil's under the surface. The whole root system of most trees can be found inside 3 feet of soil.