We are going through the top Tree Service Myths. 

 MYTH #9: Trees require "deep root fertilization" to reach their root system.

 In most states soils, the majority of absorbing roots are in the top eight inches of soil. Roots grow where conditions are best for root growth, where water and oxygen are available. When we place fertilizer twelve to eighteen inches deep in the soil, we are putting it too deep. This is just a big waste of money.


 MYTH #10: When a tree has lost a significant portion of its root system like what happens in construction damage, the crown should be cut back to compensate for root loss.

Tree Damage






While this is a common recommendation, research has not supported it.  Following root loss, unpruned trees seem to respond better than  pruned trees.  Obviously,any removal of branches will reduce the capacity of the tree to  produce food in the leaves. Although the tree will probably lose some branches as a result of the root damage it is best to let the tree decide which ones. Thus, pruning should be limited to hazard reduction at first. Later, after the tree has responded to the damage, further pruning would be in order.