Tree Fertilizer

Tree Care is more than watering. Trees just about always require fertilization at some point. Remember, most trees’ natural environment is the forest. When you put a tree in a yard, the tree is always deprived of its natural nutrients.

Like any other plants, trees will respond to fertilization. Most shade trees exist in nature without much care, but transplanting trees into urban areas or man-made conditions can create shock and slow starvation. Often these trees will be growing in small root zone areas and be surrounded by hot pavement or compacted soil. All tree owners need to understand that the root system is just as important and even more fragile than the limbs and trunk. But, tree fertilizer alone will not improve the health of a stressed tree. Fertilizer is only one factor in the complex formula of plant requirements. Here’s how to detect if you need tree fertilizer:

  • a slow rate and low amount of annual growth
  • smaller than normal foliage
  • off-color foliage,
  • a lot of dead branches
  • insects
  • any kind of rotting

Trees that possess these symptoms could use some sort of fertilizer. Other common tree disorders to be aware of in urban areas would include poor planting techniques, moisture problems, construction damage or girdling roots.

BobRayCo., Inc has Certified Arborists on staff to help. How does the arborist determine when to fertilize?

Arborists have a number of tools at their disposal. The best is the arborist’s knowledge of local soil conditions. The arborist may be able to make a fertilization recommendation just by examining your tree and yard. This will save you money and maybe the enormous value a nice shade tree brings to your household.