Trees Facts and the Environment

• Trees renew our air supply by absorbing carbon dioxide and creating oxygen.

• The quantity of oxygen created by an acre of trees each year equals the quantity consumed by 18 people yearly. A single tree creates almost 260 pounds of oxygen each and every year.

• A single acre of trees removes as much as 2.6 tons of carbon dioxide every year.

• Shade trees can make buildings as much as 20 degrees cooler in the summer season.

• Trees reduce air temperature by evaporating water within their leaves.

• Tree roots stabilize soil and stop erosion.

• Trees enhance water quality by slowing and filtering rain water, and also protect aquifers and watersheds.

• The cottonwood tree seed is the seed that stays in flight the longest. The tiny seed is encompassed by ultra-light, white fluff hairs that will carry it on the air for several days.