Tree Care Tips

Tree Care

One thing all people need to understand is that trees and plants are living things just like human beings and animals.  Although there are laws protecting people and animals there are very few laws protecting trees.  But, there should be!  Trees not only require attention but they also require proper care and protection which will allow them to live longer and benefit us all. We all need be concerned about the advantages that foliage provides to our entire community.

With the large demand for timber and firewood, tree owners are frequently given cash money for their chopped lumber.  Because of the cash or incentives becoming high; owners qickly provide the wood not considering the drawbacks of deforestation, especially the monetary value that trees bring to a landscape.

Trees and landscapes face numerous issues like pests, storms and rough winters, and it's up to the tree-owner to make a difference. Just giving water to your tree each day for a minute in no way means you are caring for your tree.  

No mysterious methods are needed to make a tree healthy and thrive, just a little bit of time and some easy steps. Your trees will pay you back protection with from the sun and wind, lower heating and cooling bills, and will raise the value of your property. 

Here is the very least you need to consider:

Harmful pests and storms are dangerous to the lives of trees. You need to recognize the pests and tree diseases immediately as well as the harm they pose to the trees. Any threat should be dealt with through tested and approved pesticides and insecticides, even though it should be noted that some bugs are actually valuable to the trees and it's important that they're not mistakenly harmed. Contact a Certified Arborist to get the best products. Storm damaged or Emerald Ash Borer affected areas should be quarantined or removed immediately. They pose the most immediate danger to lives and property.

Trees also require deep-root fertilization at certain intervals, however it can be a delicate process.  Make sure the trees are not harmed in any way. Again look for a tree service with a Certified Arborist.

Tree pruning and tree trimming is extremely essential for ornamental trees. Pruning also enhances the value and stimulates more fruit production in trees. Many things have to be considered with ornamental tree pruning and again Certified Arborists make sure they make changes to the original structure without damaging the tree in any way.  The time of year is critical to pruning and in many instances winter is actually the best time.

Certified Arborists consisting of experts, make the choices and proactively plan the tree-protection process.  You just have to write a check, which will be a drop in the bucket compared to what a tree is actually worth.