Training Apple Trees

 Growers frequently ignore the annual training and pruning of fruit trees. With out training and pruning, however, fruit trees won't develop proper shape and form. Correctly trained and pruned trees will produce top quality fruit a lot earlier in their lives and live considerably longer.

A main objective of training and pruning would be to create a strong tree framework which will support fruit production. Inaccurately trained fruit trees usually have extremely upright branch angles, which result in serious limb breakage under a heavy fruit load. This significantly reduces the productiveness of the tree and might significantly decrease tree life.

Proper tree training also reveals the tree canopy to optimize light penetration. For most deciduous tree fruit, flower buds for the present season's crop are formed the previous summer time. Light penetration is crucial for flower bud development and optimal fruit set, flavor, and quality. Even though a mature tree may be growing in full sun, a very dense canopy might not permit sufficient light to reach 12 to 18 inches inside the canopy. Opening the tree canopy also permits sufficient air motion through the tree, which stimulates rapid drying to reduce disease, infection and enables thorough pesticide penetration. In addition, a wellshaped fruit tree is great looking, whether in a landscaped yard, garden, or commercial orchard.