How Does Stump Grinding Work?

stump grinding louisville bob ray coIf an old stump is consuming valuable space on your property and making lawn mowing a pain, there is an excellent solution. You may choose to have it removed through a process known as stump grinding. A machine called a “stump grinder” is used for stump grinding.

A stump grinder is really a big machine which has a vertically aligned blade with big metal teeth in the shape of a saw. The blade is mounted on a machine arm that’s mounted to a Bob Cat, truck or tractor. This way the stump grinding machine may be transported to the stump.  Each stump takes about an hour depending on how big the tree was and how low to the ground the stump is. The grinder arm is attached by a mounting bracket onto the frame of the Bob Cat or ATV. When the machine is fired up, the blade revolves extremely fast. The arm is then positioned over the stump and moved backwards and forwards across it. It chews up the stump, mulching it into fine saw dust each time it makes a pass. On the following pass, the arm is lowered a half an inch, and it passes across the stump once more. It does this until the stump is ground down below the soil.

Note that stump grinding work is messy, you’ll have wood chips all over your property afterwards, so be prepared for an hour of clean up.