Planting Trees is not that simple.

Understanding when, what, exactly where, and how to plant a tree is important to a tree’s life expectancy.  If you want trees in your yard to become assets that continually appreciate in value, keep in mind these essential tips from our Certified Arborists.

Time of year – The very best time to plant trees is throughout the dormant season, in the fall following leaf drop or early spring prior to bud-break. Weather conditions are cool and permit plants to establish roots in the new place before spring rains and summer time heat. This will help trees become tall very quickly.

Tree selection – Believe it or not, many people do not take tree growth into account when selecting what species to plant. Consider how the tree will look 50 years from now as well as right now. Think about its mature height, width, and overall shape prior to making your final choice. At least 50% of trees get too big for their location after 5 years.

Site selection – Select a place with the correct soil, space, and light conditions for the tree. Will your tree require shade or sun? Wet soil or dry? What bugs, toxins, drought conditions, or other environmental factors may impact its long-term stability? Steer clear of planting big trees below or near power lines. Also keep in mind that tree roots spread out well beyond their branches, so choose a planting spot with lots of space for underground root development.

Correct planting methods are crucial to the life of a tree.  People make their initial and greatest planting mistake when they dig the hole which will be their tree’s home.  Most of a tree’s roots develop horizontally, so the hole needs to be wide says Tee Ray, President of Bob Ray Co., Inc.
A good principle would be to dig the hole about 3 times the width of the root ball. The depth of the hole is just as essential! Dig the hole no deeper than the height of the root ball!  A correctly prepared planting hole will assist the tree’s root system establish much more quickly. Healthy roots make healthy trees. Remember wide and no deeper than the root ball

Other  Suggestions:
Loosen the soil around the planting hole to give tree roots ample space to grow.
Straighten the tree in the hole prior to refilling with soil.
Fill the hole gently but firmly.
Mulch the base of the tree (no more than 2 or 3 inches thick.
After planting, keep the soil moist but not soaked.
Check soil moisture once a week (but much more frequently in hot weather).
Prune infrequently and only when necessary.
If in doubt about your tree’s well being, get in touch with us.  We will help.