In the next several blogs we will be discussing how mulching can help a tree grow or slowly kill it.

Compared with the rest from the landscape, trees are about as low-maintenance as you will get, which tends to make them simple to overlook. Of course, you remember to water and fertilize just like the rest of the lawn, however tree care requires more than that to truly thrive. A normal maintenance plan will add vigor and stop future problems.
Done correctly, applying mulch around landscape ornamental's may be one of the best things you do for them. Mulching errors, by contrast, can stress and even kill plants. So it is crucial to familiarize your self with mulching fundamentals, as well as what sort of soil you are working with.

Actually, this really is such a typical problem that the International Society of Arboriculture has come up with a term to describe this incorrect technique of mulching: mulch volcanoes. Its strategy against this technique begs landscaper's to “mulch wide – not deep.” This increased prevalence of incorrect mulching has elevated to code-red status, becoming one of the top causes of death of trees and shrubs.

Mulching too deep or too close to trees and plants can result in plant injury and death in a number of ways We will discuss how mulching can kill trees as well as the correct mulching techniques in the next blog.