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Kentucky Tree Climbing Championships

tree removal louisville competitionOn October 22, 2013 our own Adam Palmer competed in Kentucky Tree Climbing Championships, (10/19/2013).

Here is a brief summary of his experience:

The 2013 Kentucky Tree Climbing Championship proved to be a true test of ones climbing skills, and the ability to handle some less than ideal weather conditions.
Rain showers were expected until about noon, making for wet trees and climbers alike.

The competition consists of five events in which climbers perform an assortment of tasks ranging from aerial rescue of an injured climber, to showing how well one can move throughout a tree, or how fast he or she can ascend a rope set to a height of 50′.

The last time that I competed in this contest was in 2003. Since then, the event has evolved into an ultra well-organized day, drawing contestants from many other states and even countries.
Having been away from the competition for so long I was amazed at the level of skill and new climbing techniques. While many things have changed, many have remained the same.
Competitors still encourage, teach, and cheer on their fellow climbers.

While this is a day of fierce planning, training and competitiveness, it’s also a day of full throttle fun. Being away from the competition for several years I knew I would struggle in certain events, but overall I feel good about my performance.
Adam Palmer