Fall Tree Care

With the emphasis on water conservation, a lot of people forget to water their trees and the drought of the late summer time months can be particularly difficult. Enter Autumn’s 1st rains, wind storms and 1st freezes and all of a sudden home owners and gardeners have got a formula for problems. In fall, trees go dormant and deciduous trees shed their leaves. This means active root development ends, although trees will continue to soak up water and nutrients.

If a homeowner’s tree is displaying brown or any indicators of drought, give the tree a drink of water. Most trees possess a deep enough root system that they do not need watering. Nevertheless, numerous patio trees or trees appropriate for planting in your yard because they grow small root balls, might need water. If indicators of drought happen to be a continuing issue, you may want to add mulch at the base of the tree to assist water retention within the soil. Do not dig around the roots of a tree simply because you might destroy them. With out sufficient root development, or planted in a location where the roots can’t extend deep enough, home owner’s may discover their tree blown over in the first wind.