A Certified Arborists Guide to Outdoor Plant Care

A Certified Arborists Guide to Outdoor Plant Care.

Our Certified Arborists are asked every day how to take care of outdoor plants.  Here is a quick list of what we tell them:

Choose a container with dime sized drainage holes and fill every container one third full of potting soil.

When putting in the plants, put the tallest plants in the center of the container and work outward, putting the shortest plants around the outside.. To add an additional touch, plant some ivy and let a part of the ivy plant trail outside of the container.

Finish filling the container with potting soil to within one inch from the lip.

Completely water the plants and let them drain. Fertilize every week to ten days. The fertilizer will assist the plants create more flowers and much better foliage.

Here is what you should do for vegetable garden plants:.

The first step would be to eliminate all of the weeds in the area. Use a weed and grass killer that will kill the plant all the way down to the roots. You can then begin planting your garden three days following this application.

Then prepare your soil by using garden soil created for flowers and vegetables. The garden soil will correct any poor soil conditions by adding the essential organic nutrients for up to three months of feeding. The water absorbent garden soil will also keep your young plants from drying out.

When space is restricted, grow the vegetables your family likes to eat, not just what looks good or is easy.