Tree Injection

Bob Ray Co. Inc. offers a variety of trunk injections to promote health, provide protection, and control and eliminate damaging insects and disease for many species of trees.

Injections are performed by qualified, fully licensed and trained Bob Ray Co. Inc. Pesticide Technicians who continue to be up to date on the latest innovations.


Tree Injection Treatment

Tree Injection Treatment

Services provided:

• Injections to protect from Emerald Ash Borer and other destructive insects

• Injections to protect Elms from Dutch Elm Disease

• Injections to promote health of trees

• Injections to control fungal, bacterial diseases

• Injections to control and/or inhibit growth


Trunk injection

One of the most effective ways to treat trees suffering from disease or such damaging insects as the emerald ash borer is via direct trunk injection.

Using the method of a trunk injection is an alternative to spraying a tree or injecting the soil around a tree.  Bob Ray Co. is one of the only tree service companies in Louisville trained to use the patented Arborjet technique.

Arborjet, a company that has solely formulated the insecticide Emamectin benzoate to eradicate the destructive Emerald Ash Borer, makes use of the method of injecting the compounds directly into a tree. This process is far more effective and faster than the foliar spray or the soil injection.

With more than ten years’ experience, trunk injection system and chemical formulations for ash trees have proven to give the best results when protecting trees from not only the Emerald Ash Borer, but a host of other borers and damaging insects.

Advantages of Trunk Injection

Tree injections are much more effective than other forms of treatment against the Emerald Ash Borer and other tree pests and diseases.

• They use a much lower volume of material and chemicals.

• The equipment to supply that material is much simpler to use.

• They can be applied in wind or in rain or when the weather is clear.

• It is injected into the tree and ONLY picked up by the insect inside the tree and NOT by any children or pets around the tree.

How Trunk Injection Works

Tree injections work by inserting the insecticide directly into the tree beneath the bark and into the tree’s water and nutrient system. The insecticide actually moves with the flow of sap and concentrates in the cambium, the leaves and shoots of the tree. Most trunk injections are effective for an entire season. Treatment with Emamectin benzoate is effective for 24 months, or 2 years.

How Fast Does it Work?

Insecticides injected or implanted into the tree’s water-conducting system move as fast as the flow of water and most of the time become evenly distributed in the tree’s crown. As the compound moves upward from the point of injection, it spreads slowly sideways throughout. The speed of lateral movement is dependent upon the species of tree and the water-conducting cells of that tree. Broadleaf trees are very efficient in carrying water up. Injecting or implanting low on the tree compared to high will reduce the chance that limbs will be missed because it will allow more sideways movement to occur before the branches are reached.

Controlling Borers

Insecticides first developed for injections tended to be dissolved easily in water and did not remain in the trunk at levels high enough to kill borers over extended periods of time. Injections would have to be repeated several times throughout the season. Newer injectable insecticides from Arborjet are less soluble in water and have a greater chance of having deadly amounts that can kill borer larvae that enter the tree even after the injection is made. Some borers, such as the bronze birch borer, the emerald ash borer and the Asian long-horned beetle, can be controlled fairly effectively with injections.

Cost Effective

Equipment and formulation costs are much less costly than they used to be. Service providers such as Bob Ray Co. can offer a Plant Health Care program that is very affordable for most all homeowners and businesses. For more information on treatment of your trees, whether it is for such treatments as protection against the Emerald Ash Borer, control of a fungal disease, or to provide needed nutrients to a stressed tree, Bob Ray Co. has the ISA Certified Arborists to partner with you to ensure your trees are healthy and long-lived.