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Louisville tree service company with the largest staff and longest history

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Fifty years of tree services throughout Kentucky and Indiana!

Four generations of the Ray family have provided more than fifty years of tree services throughout Kentucky and Indiana. Bob Ray Co., Inc., is fully licensed, fully insured and OSHA regulated for your protection. Bob Ray Co. provides excellent and professional service to its customers.

Bob Ray Co. is a full service Louisville tree company. With its commitment to the Louisville environment, Bob Ray Co. created Natural Products LLC as an avenue to recycle tree products. Natural Products LLC offers high-quality products that customers can count on. All of its products are ground and screened on-site as part of the manufacturing process to insure the highest grade mulch, compost, and topsoil. Natural Products LLC is dedicated to utilizing our natural resources, its mulch maximizes the use of wood—our greatest renewable energy.

Chip Trucking LLC is designed to meet Bob Ray Co.’s transportation needs for its products and for its equipment mobilization. Services offered by Chip Trucking LLC  include: heavy equipment, including overweight and oversized, roll-off dumpsters, flat-bed services, and wood waste/logs. One hundred percent of all byproducts are recycled in the form of mulch, lumber, pulp wood or fuel chips.

Louisville Tree Service with Certified Arborists

Bob Ray Co. has several ISA-Certified Arborists on staff who continue to improve their knowledge with ongoing education to maintain current and up-to-date certifications in all aspects of tree services and plant health care. Bob Ray Co.’s experienced and dependable tree pruning and tree removal crews are courteous and respectful of your property and work hard to satisfy your highest expectations.

Healthy trees have a financial and environmental significance. Trees increase the value of one’s property and provide energy savings and air quality benefits for the home and business owner. Bob Ray Co. is environmentally responsible and recommends removals only out of necessity.

Bob Ray Co. can provide you with an accurate and honest free estimate on tree removals, tree pruning, stump removals and plant health care. Our certified arborists and tree care specialists provide professional tree care solutions at honest and fair prices every time!

Louisville Tree Service Divisions

Storm Damage is a specialty of the Bob Ray Company - call us to take care of the problem fast!

Storm Damage is a specialty of the Bob Ray Company – call us to take care of the problem fast!

You can count on Bob Ray Co. during severe weather for your emergency tree care services. The removal of dead or dangerous trees is a priority in every community. Using Bob Ray Co.’s professionally trained crews helps to minimize liability issues. Your property will be made safe and clear of all tree damage and debris.

The Plant Health Care division of Bob Ray Co. utilizes a management strategy that focuses on plant vitality and relies on a broad range of techniques to protect and enhance plant health. Bob Ray Co.’s ISA-Certified Arborists take a proactive position, which emphasizes the health of plants, rather than a reactive response to a tree’s symptoms or problems. Bob Ray Co.’s plant health care programs are tailored toward the need of each tree and site. Some of the Plant Health Care Services include: fertilization, insecticide/fungicide spray, insect/disease diagnostics and management, structural stability/risk assessment evaluations, trunk injections, construction impact assessment, girdling root removals, and root collar corrections.

Bob Ray Co.’s Land Clearing division uses its large array of equipment to complete selective thinning for a park or total clearing for a new home, highway, development or right-of-way. Some of the equipment Land Clearing utilizes include: self-propelled grinders, forestry mowers, feller bunchers, hydra stumpers, and hydraulic excavators.

Bob Ray Co., and its sister companies, are dedicated to providing excellent service and knowledge with integrity through teamwork, education, and innovative technology; being professional; and living our commitment. Creating success through building long-term relationships with our customers, our partners, our community, and ourselves—this is who Bob Ray Co. is, and this is what you can count on.